Obama Advises ‘Wait And See’ Approach on Trump


President Barack Obama on Sunday advised world leaders to “wait and see” how President-elect Donald Trump does in office.

Speaking at his last international press conference in Peru, the outgoing president seemed willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt in terms of how level-headed he’ll be in governing. Despite Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric throughout his campaign, Obama said, “Reality will force him to adjust how he approaches” many issues once in office.

Noting that Trump hasn’t had a chance to even form his full team yet, Obama said “people should take a wait and see approach in how much his policy proposals once in the White House, once he is sworn in, matches up with the rhetoric of his campaign.” Obama also gave some insight on how he personally intends to handle Trump’s presidency, having criticized the President-elect repeatedly throughout his campaign. Saying that he wants to give Trump space to lead the White House “without somebody popping off at every turn,” he said he will speak up if certain “values and ideals” are threatened. Read more at AT THE HILL.




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