NYPD Beefing Up Security At All Media Outlets After News Shooting


nypdAfter today’s gunning down of a CBS affiliate reporter and cameraman during a live television broadcast in central Virginia, the NYPD has stepped up patrols at New York City media outlets.

“Out of an abundance of caution the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Bureau, Critical Response Vehicles and Hercules Teams have been deployed to television news outlets in New York City,” John J. Miller, deputy commissioner for counterterrorism and intelligence, said in a statement. “While there is no indication of any threat to media outlets beyond this incident, we have provided an additional layer of security until we have a fuller understanding of the motive behind the Virginia incident.”

The killings drew reactions from prominent figures around the country, including New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“My heart goes out to all those impacted by the shooting that took place this morning near Moneta, Virginia,” Cuomo said in a a statement. “Like all of you, I am shocked and saddened by the senseless murder of two members of the media who were doing nothing more than their jobs.

“This morning’s tragedy is the latest in seemingly endless, painful reminders that we must confront the rampant gun violence in our communities,” the governor added.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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