NYC Weighs Allowing Many Immigrants To Vote


voteNew York – Hundreds of thousands of immigrants could get the right to vote in New York City elections under a proposal that would mark the biggest expansion yet of efforts to enfranchise them.

The measure, aired at a City Council hearing today, would make New York the biggest locale to let non-citizens cast ballots. Advocates estimate that more than 800,000 green card and visa holders would be able to help choose the mayor, council members and other city officials.

The proposal, which is in play amid a fractious debate in Washington over overhauling immigration laws, may amplify a decades-long debate over whether voting rights should be reserved for citizenship or embrace newcomers on the premise that they also have a stake in the society.

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{ Newscenter}


  1. WHAT????!!!! This is total insanity! You might as well open polling stations in every Country on earth & let whomever wants, to vote in American elections! This will garantee the over throw of a free Democracy called America! Thank you Ms. Quinn for doing anything to get elected!


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