NYC To Governor: Where Are You, Andrew?


andrew-cuomoIn a city filled with politicians who are not shy with being in the spotlight, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been, well, missing in action.

And as CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports, his absence might be making voters’ hearts grow fonder.

There was a rare New York City sighting of Gov. Cuomo at ground zero last week, just as city voters were beginning to wonder if he has been genetically altered, his DNA missing the “shine the spotlight on me” gene that makes politicians like Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sen. Chuck Schumer crave center stage.

“He may crave it but he resists the urge,” Baruch College political science professor Douglas Muzzio said.

Muzzio said Cuomo’s “nose to the grindstone,” stay-in-Albany-and-work strategy is a smart one.

“He inoculates himself against gaff-it is. I mean politicians – Mike Bloomberg for example – has a bad case of gaff-itis. You don’t make mistakes if you’re not publicly saying stuff,” Muzzio said.

And although one might be tempted to put the governor’s face on a milk carton saying “have you seen this man?” it’s a strategy that’s working for him. He’s probably the most popular governor in the country, with 72 percent of New Yorkers saying he’s a good leader.

When asked if he likes the governor, Jonathan Dobin of Bushwick said, “I don’t know him, but I assume I like him. I mean, the city still runs.”

Dobin was then reminded that Cuomo runs the state – not the city, and he responded by saying, “Yeah, I don’t have an opinion. I guess I don’t see him enough.”

Then there was Dan Robinson of Boerum Hill, who when asked if he’s seen or even heard of the governor in town, said, “I can’t say I have actually in quite a while.” But then Robinson said when asked if the governor’s not being around impacts his reputation as a leader, “I do think he’s doing a good job.”

Cuomo does come to New York City. It’s just that sometimes it’s a stealth visit with no publicity.

Kramer saw the governor’s Midtown office on Wednesday and he is expected to be in it on Friday, but unless you’re a member of the building staff you may never get to see him.

The governor does communicate with voters via videos on his website. On Wednesday he put one out demanding the Legislature pass ethics reform.

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