NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mother Dead At 102


bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg’s mother, Charlotte, passed away on Sunday at the age of 102.

The mayor issued the following statement Sunday:

“Today, my sister Marjorie and I lost our mother, Charlotte, after an extraordinary 102 years of life. As the center of our family, our mother’s unimpeachable integrity, fierce independence, and constant love were gifts that profoundly shaped our lives and the lives of so many who knew her. Our family recognizes how truly blessed we have been to have her live such a long and full life, and to be able to carry her spirit with us forever.”

The cause of Charlotte Bloomberg’s death is not yet known.

{CBS Local/ Newscenter}


  1. cause of death not yet known – Why can’t she simply have died from her heart stopping from old age? It’s rather inane to wonder about cause of death in a 102 year old woman.Everyone is going to die one day, it is inevitable, why dwell upon the cause of death when it was completely natural.

  2. Why are you (Matzav) in cover up/kiss up, mode? You see, when you suddenly edit out all forms of criticizim just because he lost his Mother, you become part of the problem! This is the kind of behaviour that led him to be the strong one pushing same gender marriage! Everyone is always making nice to the Mayor strictly out of Chaniffa – which is what your doing right now!

  3. God help New York if Mike Bloomberg holds on to power until 102.
    Tickets, taxes and violation fines will so bad that only those living off their rent control, public sector employees and of course the Welfare class will remain in this G-dless city.


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