NYC Lawmaker Wants To Ban Sale Of Big Sugary Drinks To Minors


SODA FOUNTAINYou may have to show your ID to buy a big soda if a new bill becomes law.
It’s not a blanket ban like former Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried, but New York state Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-Staten Island) wants to ban the sale of large sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces to minors statewide.

In announcing the plan, Titone put out green grapes, oranges and apple slices on a conference table to make a point – too much processed sugar is a health hazard for everyone, especially kids.

The ban would only apply if minors were trying to make the purchases alone.

“If the adult buys it for the minor, that’s fine. That’s a parent or a guardian making an informed decision,” Titone said.

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

{ Newscenter}



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