NY Senate Feud Hits Taxpayers as Dispute Drags On


albanySince New York’s senators stopped passing legislation and started passing insults, they’ve cost taxpayers at least $94,400 for staying in Albany during their protracted power struggle. That total includes only the $160 daily expenses paid to the 59 senators from outside the Albany area for staying in town since the regular session ended June 22. The meter is ticking to the tune of $9,440 each day for those expenses, which don’t include the unknown cost of stacks of late-night pizzas and the comp time they’ll eventually give their weary staffers to cover overtime.The Senate has been deadlocked 31-31 since Republicans and dissident Democrats tried to seize a majority on June 8. The factions have defied Gov. David Paterson’s orders to act together on legislation.

{NewYorkNow/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Can we just close down the Senate once and for all? Sell the building in Albany and use that money for the citizens of New York.

  2. I hope all of us remember these clowns election time and throw out every incumbent without exception- if they have the gall to feif un the voters they deserve to be thrown out of their seats once and for all-


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