NY: Poll Shows De Blasio No Shoo-In To Get Re-Elected


Mayor de Blasio is “extremely vulnerable” to a challenge next year and is already running virtually even with his strongest Democratic rival, according to a poll released Wednesday, the NY Post reports.

The poll, conducted as part of a new campaign to unseat de Blasio, found city Comptroller Scott Stringer would get 40 percent to de Blasio’s 41 percent if the two were matched in a primary.

Only 38 percent of the Democrats said they would support de Blasio for a second term, while 43 percent said they would not.




  1. But yet the askanim told us not to vote for Joe Lhota because he “lacked personality”.
    DeBlabla will win in a landslide, as the leftists will circle the wagons for him. There is no Republican party in NYC, so not to worry.

  2. You don’t need a poll to tell you this. This fella was doomed the day those brave cops were killed because of his big mouth to his “son & the media ” telling him that Police………….

  3. #1, those who endorsed him cared about their monetary interests as we see every day. de blaso msut be taken out in the primary


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