NY: Future Subway Trains Might Have No Doors Separating Cars


mta-subwayNew York – Trains with open space rather than doors between cars, dedicated busways, and new “smart chip” systems to replace the current MetroCard system were among the ideas floated in a recent report outlining the needs of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in the 20 years to come.

The 142-page report outlined a $106 billion plan to meet the needs for capital investment the agency will encounter between 2015 and 2034 – both in terms of rebuilding and replacing the current MTA network, and enhancing and expanding the agency’s transit systems as the travel needs of the Tri-State Area change.

The report included suggestions for all the MTA assets – the New York City transit system, the Metro-North Railroad, the Long Island Rail Road, and the Bridges and Tunnels system. The report noted that the size of the system has not changed significantly since its expansion during the first half of the 20th century, and the agency has only just begun addressing capacity limitations with such projects as the Second Avenue Subway, the LIRR East Side Access project that will result in a new terminal at Grand Central Station, and the No. 7 subway line extension westward to 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue.

In addition to outlining investment and expansion needs, the report discussed numerous ideas intended to make the system run more smoothly and efficiently. Among the ideas proposed for a “21st Century Transit System” was a proposal for subway trains with gangways between cars, similar to the design of articulated, or accordion-style, buses.

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