NY Bombs Were Filled With Shrapnel, Designed for Maximum Casualties


The bomb that injured 29 people on Motzoei Shabbos in Manhattan was filled with shrapnel and made with pressure cookers, flip phones and tree lights that set off a powerful explosive compound, law enforcement officials told The New York Times. Another bomb that did not detonate was designed with similar features, Newsmax reports.

Both bombs appeared designed to create maximum chaos and fatalities — they also provided a trove of clues even as any suspects remained unnervingly at large.

A top law enforcement official said that pressure cookers were filled with “fragmentation materials.” The bomb that exploded, at 23rd Street, was filled with small bearings or metal BBs. A second device on 27th Street that did not explode appeared to be filled with the same material, the official said.

The two devices in New York City both used a cell phone as a timing device, CNN reported. The phones were also similar in design, officials said.




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