NSA Ends Bulk Surveillance Program


nsaThe NSA is expected to end its massive collecting of Americans’ phone records on Sunday and replace it with targeted surveillance methods.

Under the Freedom Act, the larger surveillance program should have ended on Saturday night.

This comes two and a half years after Edward Snowden exposed the depths of the program.

This is the largest scaledown of surveillance since the program’s expansion after 9/11. Read more.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com}


  1. How many NSA nazis went to prison for hundreds millions counts of blatant violations of our constitutional rights? Crickets singing.

  2. #1: Well, since there were NO violations of anyone’s constitutional rights, no one was accused, tried, nor convicted. As far as I can tell, the percentage of “nazis” in the NSA is about the same as the percentage in Boro Park,

    Get over yourself.


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