North Korea Parades NYU Student on TV


Joo Won-moonNorth Korea presented a New York University student to state-run media Friday, saying that Joo Won-moon, 21, is healthy, even though he hasn’t been allowed to contact his family.

Joo, a U.S. permanent resident and South Korean citizen, was detained after crossing into North Korea illegally in April. He read aloud a coached statement Friday in which he praised North Korea.

It remains uncertain whether the country will prosecute him or allow him to leave. Read more at CBS News.



  1. Dear United States of America,
    I’ve got a news item for you and your esteemed citizens. Entering illegally a country creates troubles. This is the case no matter how much you welcome your own illegal immigrants (while simultaneously creating endless hassle, and sometimes rejecting, people who seek to enter with proper paperwork). I do hope Mr Joo Won-moon will be released soon.


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