Noam Shalit Seeking Support for Gilad in UN


shalit1Noam Shalit, father of captive soldier Gilad Shalit, left for New York Sunday last night in order to meet with foreign ambassadors ahead of the UN General Assembly session which will open on September 13. The upcoming session will see the Palestinian Authority seeking recognition for an independent state.

Shalit intends to remind the ambassadors that Gilad is being held captive within the Palestinian territories for over five years without receiving even one visit from the Red Cross, in clear violation of international law.

Speaking to Ynet ahead of his departure, Shalit noted that his meetings would focus on ambassadors that deal with humanitarian issues. “It would be a little pretentious to say that we are seeking to make Gilad’s release a condition for the recognition, but we shall certainly link the two matters,” Shalit said.

According to Shalit, “The continued imprisonment of Gilad, holding him hostage within the territory of the entity – the Palestinian Authority, which is seeking statehood recognition, is a flagrant breach of international law.

“They cannot hope to receive recognition of statehood and receive UN membership status while simultaneously carrying out the illegal incarceration of a hostage, without basic humanitarian conditions, with no connection to the outside world, for more than five years.”

Marking 1,900 days

With reports of meetings of senior Hamas members in Cairo over prisoner exchange deal negotiations, Shalit noted that he was unaware of any progress.

“Till now there were Muslim holidays. Between the Muslim holidays and the Jewish holidays that occur at the end of the month, we might have a small window of opportunity. I hope that the two sides will understand that it’s time to end this affair and bring Gilad home.”

On Wednesday Noam Shalit will mark 1,900 days since his son was abducted by Hamas. “Maybe our prime minister will also understand that it’s time to end the disgrace of not being able to bring home a soldier sent on behalf of his country,” Shalit added.

Shalit will return to Israel next week but will first make a stop in Paris where the Shalit family is currently engaged in legal proceedings against Hamas as Gilad holds French citizenship.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. While it has become popular for the Israeli Left to blame
    the current Government for Shalit’s plight,the organization that really bears responsibility is the UN!

  2. As much as our hearts go out for Gilad (and we must all continue saying Tehilim for all the Jewish captives everywhere), for his parents to request from the most anti-Jewish & anti- Israeli organization in the world, the release of their son, is futile. The UN had that option and opportunity all this time. Now chodesh Elul is a good time to be mispallel for all the shvuyim!

  3. May Hashem be memameleh col mishalos libam of the Shalit family for the obvious tova, very, very soon.
    As a responsible news outlet, please include the phrase Gilad ben Aviva somewhere in the article to remind us all to daven and have him in mind, along with all those imprisoned, for release, happily.

  4. Has R’ Shalit ever consulted the gedolim? When? What was their guidance? And the liberal Left, what have they done, other than to ignore what the Torah cautions against, “my power…”. Meanwhile the Moslem captors, a cruel people, have been subjecting Galid to who-knows-what abusive treatment, r’l. And this is the month of Elul!
    Only admitting that we are Hashem’s obedient children, following His Torah, will answer our distress.

  5. Good luck to Noam Shalit and prayers for Gilad. The centre of the action and where the right moves will need to be made is Jerusalem. Gilad’s fate is a microcosm. A certain wise counsellor’s presence is required.

  6. May this coming year bring the Geulah with great rachamim for bnei Yisrael, especially the captives and the sick. We need to stand united as one and pray that Hashem will be m’rachem on every Yid, and as HE promises us, will vanquish all the sonei Yisrael.


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