No More Cardboard Yarmulkas at the Kosel


koselThe cardboard yarmulkes that have long been a fixture at the Kosel will no longer be seen. In their place have come new yarmulkes made out of white material – made in China.

The Western Wall Legacy Foundation received a donation of one million of the new yarmulkes, courtesy of Michael Mirilashvili, in memory of his late father Moshe. The Kosel rov, Rav Shmuel Rabinovitch, said that the old cardboard yarmulkes did not “sit well” on one’s head, and would often have to be held there manually. In addition, the new head-coverings look much more dignified than the folded-and-stapled cardboard shapes.

 Read the Arutz Sheva report here.

{Arutz Sheva/Yair Israel}



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