NJ Redistricting Places Pro-Israel House Dem Against Anti-Israel Dem


capitol-congressBy GestetnerUpdates.com

As reported in many places, the redistricting of the House map of New Jersey is set, and Democrat Congressman Steve Rothman was placed in a Center-Right district which is currently held by a Republican. Rothman has two options: He can try to defeat the Republican next November, or he can run in another district in New Jersey.

Rothman went for the latter. He made it clear that he will run in a Primary against Democrat Bill Pascrell, representing the 9th Congressional District. Mr. Pascrell was one of 54 House members who in early 2010 sent a pro-Palestinian letter to President Obama outlining many things the undersigned felt that the USA should pressure Israel to do. The letter didn’t go over well in the pro-Israel crowd. On the other hand, Mr. Rothman wrote for Businessweek in April 2010 a very strong op-ed in support of Israel, writing among others that “the U.S. is safer and made more secure because of the mutually dependent and beneficial relationship between the U.S. and Israel.” Furthermore, Rothman is the only AIPAC member who serves in the House, and he is Jewish too.

While the new district is not so populated with (Orthodox) Jews, one can rest assure that the pro-Israeli political activists will try to turn NJ9 into a NY9. However, this time around the Israeli fans will need to choose one Democrat over another Democrat, instead of backing a Republican.

{GestetnerUpdates.com/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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