‘New York Post’ Slams Senator Schumer for Failing to Take Iran Deal Stance


schumerThe New York Post inveighed against Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for failing to take a strong stance against the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear deal — actually for refusing to take any stance whatsoever.

The Post said it had sent Schumer a list of 10 crucial questions over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and one of its reporters had asked him for a follow-up.

“I’m studying the issue,” Schumer reportedly responded.

“There’s nothing to study: Just nix the deal, Chuck,” the Post’s editors said. “Iran can’t be trusted with any deal, period — let alone one that explicitly limits efforts to ensure Tehran isn’t working to get nuclear bombs.”

The Post also reported Schumer has been getting the “cold shoulder” from the pro-Israel crowd.

He is in a bind because he wants President Barack Obama’s approval to replace Harry Reid as the Democratic leader, but “his key supporters all want him to quash the terrible Iran giveaway deal,” the report said.

The reports came after thousands — demonstration organizers said as many as 10,000 — thronged seven Manhattan blocks around Times Square on Wednesday to rally for Congress’ rejection of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran, which the White House says cuts of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb by at least 10 years.

For Schumer, a traditionally strong pro-Israel advocate whose influence could sway other Democrats, the pressure is certainly on.

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  1. Typical politician. Do whats right for me, even at the expense of my constituents and my country. Self-centered to an extreme. For shame.

  2. Shumer is “stuck between a rock and a hard place”. His constituents, who vote, in great part realize that this is a very bad deal. On the other hand he wants to become the Senate Democratic leader and doesn’t want to alienate Pres. Hussein Obama nthus hutring his chance.


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