New Poll: American Jews Oppose Pres. Obama’s Nuclear Deal By 2 To 1 Margin


iran talksA new poll has revealed that American Jews oppose President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran by a margin of 2 to 1 — the same margin in which Americans in general were polled last week by Qunnipiac University opposing the deal. 

The poll, conducted by McKeon & Associates during July 29-30, found that a large plurality of registered Jewish voters oppose the deal, 45% to 22%. Moreover, pluralities of Jews, whether Democrats, Independents, Republicans or Libertarians, all opposed the deal — Democratic Jewish voters (by 40% to 38%, Independent Jewish voters by 44% to 24%, Republican Jewish voters by 51% to 4%, and Libertarian Jewish voters by 71% to 4%.
ZOA National Chairman of the Board Dr. Michael Goldblatt said, “This poll, as well as others since the July 14 agreement in Vienna, show that American Jews are strongly opposed to the Iran nuclear deal.
“This reflects the disquiet, indeed, alarm at this nuclear deal, as more and more information as to its contents have come to hand.
“The ZOA warned on the day the deal was signed and its contents announced that every substantive assurance previously given by President Obama regarding stopping Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state had been discarded in favor of an agreement that actually gives Iran a pathway to nuclear weapons in about ten years.
“The American Jewish public, like the broader American public, is finding that, the more it understands and learns about this deal, the more alarmed and opposed it becomes.”
{CB Newscenter}


  1. Are you happy now, Jews who voted for Obama? He never bothered to hide is anti-Netanyahu anti-Israel disdain, yet you chose to ignore it. I’m surprised you didn’t vote his pastor Rev Wright into the VP office – he taught Obama and Obama was a willing student.


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