New PA Laws: Cutting Off Thieves’ Hands, Lashes for Drinking


gaza hamasHamas is lobbying for a stricter enforcement of Islamic law in Gaza – including provisions to cut off the hands of thieves. A report in the Al-Hayat daily newspaper said that Hamas expects the new regulations to take effect in the coming months, after introduction of the legislation in the PA parliament.

Existing laws mete out the death penalty to individuals convicted of murder, spying, or selling land to Jews. The new legislation will expand the crimes for which individuals can be executed. Other provisions of the law include chopping off the right hand of a thief (along with at least a seven year jail sentence), and lashes for a large number of “crimes,” including drinking alcoholic beverages and gambling. All the punishments are derived from sharia, Islamic law.

{Arutz Sheva/ Israel}



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