New Bill Seeks to Put Wine in NY Supermarkets


kosher-foodA new proposal to sell wine in New York supermarkets is surfacing in Albany after liquor store interests helped kill an earlier bill. But Democratic Assemblyman Joseph Morelle of Monroe County is proposing additional elements to the bill that would address long-standing concerns of liquor store owners worried that selling wine in supermarkets would kill their businesses.Grocery store chains that want to legalize wine sales in their stores say it will add $160 million in revenues to the state in the first two years and save New Yorkers $80 million in lower prices through greater competition. Advocates also claim the law would add 2,000 jobs and help New York wineries.

But liquor store owners fear the measure would drive out one of the state’s last vestiges of mom-and-pop retail.

{NewYorkNow/ Newscenter}


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