Neturei Karta Protest During Moment of Silence, Sit Next to Ahmadinejad


neturei-karta-smallWhile Israelis across Israel stood for two minutes of silence today in memory of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust, dozens of members of the radical Neturei Karta anti-Zionist stream protested in Yerushalayim against the state ceremonies marking Holocaust Remembrance Day. Shortly before 10 a.m., the protesters gathered at Kikar Shabbos in Yerushalayim, and as the sirens sounded and passersby stood still and bowed their head, they began crossing the intersection while holding up signs denouncing “the Zionist Holocaust memorial day.”The protesters briefly confronted journalists, photographers and bystanders before dispersing.

Yisrael Hirsch of Neturei Karta and a resident of Meah Shearim, told Yediot Acharonot that “the Zionists cynically abuse the Holocaust for their own purposes.”

He said that, “According to Jewish tradition…it is Zionism that caused the Holocaust. Once the State proclaimed this day to be a memorial day for those murdered it essentially claims that it saved the Jews, and this is why we went out to protest.

neturei-karta“Standing in silence during the siren signals the people’s participation in the acts of the Zionist regime in Palestine,” he added.

Hirsch also said that holding Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Jewish month of Nissan, during which aveilus is forbidden, is wrong and offensive to the victims’ memory.

Hirsch noted that three prominent Neturei Karta representatives attended the UN conference on racism in Geneva yesterday and even sat next to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during a press conference he held there.

The three, Rabbi Aharon Cohen from Manchester, Rabbi Yohanan Hochheiser from London and Rabbi Yisrael David Weiss from Monsey, NY, reiterated the Iranian president’s statements that the Zionists used the Holocaust ton establish a state at the expense of the Palestinians.

{Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. how could these chaleryahs not respect the kedoshim of the holocaust? these people are not yidden. they give frumkeit and chassidus a bad name

  2. That’s like saying that Obama gives all Muslims a bad name. Which obviously isn’t true, because most Muslims are not as hateful and radical as Obama.

    So most Yidden are not as hateful and radical as Neturei Karta, and just ignore them.

    Interesting. If the media wouldn’t cover their idiocy, no one would hear of them.

  3. Stamyid,

    REALITY CHECK: 99% of the Charedi in Israel do NOT observe the moment of silence. The gedolim made it clear that we have a day of honoring the Shoah victims. Its called the Tenth of Tevet… To observe the secular date established by the anti Torah zionists state is against Daas Torah. Why would you follow what the secular zionists establish? Dont you know that it undermines Torah?

  4. Did anybody ever found somewhere in the Thora mentioned an idea of silence in respect of some one ?.

  5. Cut it out. THe zionists do respect the kedoshim? This whole rememberance day is a gimmik and an insult to the kedoshim who the zionists have always mocked.

  6. StamYid, add to this the fact that “Aharon Cohen” is in Shamta by Rabbonim of Manchester, and he demands that Manchester Metropolitan Police to be his bodyguards, in violation of much more shtarker Chazal than “Shalosh Shovuos”

  7. The people in the above picture are some of the few real Jews left in the world.

    They have the courage to stand up to the truth in the name of the Torah.

    Thank You all for making a real Kiddush Hashem.

  8. Why must you keep reporting about the antics of these lunatics? They want publicity for their mishagassen and you’re giving it to them. The more publicity they get, the more they’ll want. Ignore them. They were put in cherem. Let them stay there.

  9. all these guys are on public assistance If they
    had to work for aliving to support their large\
    families maybe they would be more of a mench.
    I know that ousvorf weiss he comes from a
    nice family and is putting them to shame

  10. REALITY CHECK: 99% of the Charedi in Israel do NOT observe the moment of silence. — AS USUAL a statement without backing.
    In order to bring kavod shem shamayim the true, ehrlich, in-touch gedolim say if you are outside in a public area, stand quietly and say tehillim or do a mental chazara of mishnayos lzecher nishmas the kedoshim. If inside intensify your learning daily as a zechus for kedoshim.

  11. Last I checked Remmembering Neshamos is a jewish concept and in order to accomplish this task you can’t go about your daily life, you need time to reflect on the tragedy. If large groups of Yidden decide to follow this practice, irreligious as they may be, Meuvas asher lo yitkun, Chareidim should, in my humble opinion, show some respect no matter what day of the secular or religious year it is.

  12. Although there is no halachic source for Yom Hashoah, I don’t see anything conceptually wrong with it. At least it’s a nice gesture. I think it’s at best childish for people chose such a petty thing to stir controversy, especially when there are far greater threats facing the frum world which are utterly ignored or neglected.

  13. I think that making a kidush hashem is more important then this argument of whether its mutir or ussur to have a day of rememberance not also take note that all the tinoikis shenishba remember from all this is that the religious have zero feelings for the kidoishim and besides whats wrong with aveilus in the yimai hasfira so what is this michalil hashem moshe hersh talking about how badly can one profane hashems name and all in the name of kidush hashem wow.


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