Netanyahu Vows To Bring Toeivah Parade Stabber To Justice


????????????????????????Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu vowed to bring to justice the attacker who stabbed six people at the toeivah pride parade on Thursday in Yerushalayim

“Justice will be dealt to whoever was responsible for this act,” Netanyahu said. “In the State of Israel, an individual’s freedom of choice is one of the country’s most basic values.”

“It is up to us to make sure that every man and woman can live in safety at all times in every way that they choose to live. This is how we work and this is how we will continue to do things. I wish a speedy recovery to all those injured,” Netanyahu added.

Shortly after the parade began, extremist Yishai Shlissel began wildly stabbing victims along the parade route, seriously wounding two people, including a 17-year-old girl.

Shlissel was wrestled to the ground and arrested by police.

Shlissel had published a handwritten letter a week before the current parade, saying that “it is the obligation of every Jew to keep his soul from punishment and stop this giant desecration of God’s name next Thursday.”

{JNS, Israel}


  1. One could suspect that the fellow was allowed by the GSS to go stab once again,all in order to malign all the rest of us upstanding believers in societal morality

    a la yigal amir

  2. They have no right to provoke violence in Yerushalayim. Let them have their parade in Moscow, Russia or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia or any other arab country. They come to Yerushalayim because today’s Jews are confused with political correctness. The homos don’t belong in Ir Hakodesh. Send them away, now.

    We have no right to stab, wound or maim anyone and the perpetrator, even though he had noble intentions is a mental case and must be treated as such. On the other hand, the toeivahs are sick, sick individuals who need medical and psychological help. We must stop encouraging this choice of personal perversion.

  3. He must be a nut…because no Ba’al Seichel could think that anything good for Kevod Shamayyim could come from this behavior.

  4. We heard you Bibi: “In the State of Israel, an individual’s freedom of choice is one of the country’s most basic values.”

    Hashem gave us “Bechira”. You could have used your Bechira to prohibit this parade in Jerusalem, instead you chose to permit this Chilul Hashem in the name of “democracy”.

    Shame on you Bibi.


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