Netanyahu: U.S.-Israel Relations Strong, Israel Building Ties Worldwide


With Vice President Joe Biden set to visit Yerushalayim this week, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said that Israel’s relations with the United States remain strong, despite disagreements between the two governments.

“This visit reflects the strong ties between Israel and our ally, the United States,” said Netanyahu, speaking after the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday. “There are those who predicted the collapse of these relations, but this is not the case.”

Netanyahu also said that Israel’s relationships with other countries are strong as well.

“We are building additional relations with many countries in the world. Every week a president, prime minister, foreign minister or other minister visits here from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America – from the entire world.

“This also expresses, of course, Israel’s status as an asset today in the fight against radical Islam and captures opportunities for the future, especially in technology,” Netanyahu said.

Tazpit News Agency

{ Israel}


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