Netanyahu Says Murderers of Palestinian Teen to Face ‘Full Weight of Law,’ Speaks to Teen’s Father


netanyahu1Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu pledged following arrests in the murder of a Palestinian teen that the killers “will face the full weight of the law.”

Sending his condolences to the victim’s family, Netanyahu said Sunday, “I pledge that the perpetrators of this horrific crime, which must be resolutely condemned in the most forceful language, I pledge that the perpetrators of this horrific crime will face the full weight of the law. I know that in our society, the society of Israel, there is no place for such murderers. And that’s the difference between us and our neighbors. They consider murderers to be heroes. They name public squares after them. We don’t. We condemn them and we put them on trial and we’ll put them in prison,” he said. “We do not differentiate between the terrorists and we will respond to all of them, wherever they come from, with a firm hand.”

Meanwhile, today, Netanyahu spoke with the father of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Netanyahu spoke by phone with Hussein Abu Khedair, telling him that the killers will be brought to trial and “will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law…. The murder of your son is abhorrent and cannot be countenanced by any human being,” Netanyahu told him.

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  1. It appears even in Israel the arabs will get justice, but killing Jews the government will take their time finding the guilty. And when they are found will not be given the weight of justice, in fact even jailed they will be let go for some stupid peace agreement that will never happen. (Sounds good to me. (sarcasm))


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