Netanyahu Issues Order To Not Return Bodies Of Palestinian Terrorists


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has order Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to no longer transfer the bodies of slain Palestinian terrorists to their families.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the reasoning behind the decision was to prevent opportunities for Palestinians to use the funerals of the slain terrorists for incitement.

Many Palestinians consider the terrorists to be “martyrs” and hold mass funerals where the bodies are paraded through their home village or city.

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan had already been holding onto bodies of Israeli Arab terrorists, and now that same policy will be extended to the disputed Palestinian territories.


{ Israel}


  1. It’s about time, only six months too late. The corpses should be buried in hidden locations, with a toy pig inside. This way Israel could honestly say that there’s a pig there, preventing the dead terrorists from gaining access to “Paradise,” thereby eliminating one of the reasons muslims are willing to die in order to kill “infidels.” On the other hand, if the liberals of the world accuse Israel of “violating” muslim belief, a quick check will show that it’s not really a pig. The world will laugh at the situation, which has the psychological affect on returning proportions to the issue, that is that they are killing us, and we have the right to stop it.


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