Netanyahu: Israel Is The Nation State Of The Jewish People Only


netanyahuThe firestorm sparked by Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s pledge last week to promote legislation that would define Israel as the national home of the Jewish people has not yet abated.

On Sunday, Netanyahu explained to his cabinet the motivation behind the legislation effort.

“The State of Israel is a Jewish and democratic state. The democratic aspect of our state is fully manifested in our basic laws. We do this by granting equal rights to every citizen in Israel. However,” he said, according to Israel Hayom.  “Israel’s status as the nation state of the Jewish people is not represented enough in our basic laws, and that is what this proposed basic law seeks to change. It will define the national right of the Jewish people to the State of Israel, without harming the individual rights of any of Israel’s citizens.

“Of course there are those who don’t want Israel to be defined as the nation state of the Jewish people. They just want a Palestinian state to be established alongside us, and for Israel to gradually become a binational state, Arab and Jewish, inside its tiny borders. But I am saying one simple thing: You can’t hold the national stick at both national ends. You can’t say that you want to separate from the Palestinians to prevent a binational state, which makes sense to a certain degree, while simultaneously sanctifying the idea of a binational state,” the prime minister went on to say, reports Israel Hayom.

“The State of Israel grants equal rights, individual rights, in full to all its citizens, but it is the nation state of one people only — the Jewish people — and no other people.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. We do not need a state of the Jewish people we need a Jewish state the guards and keeps Judaism and that can only be accomplished by Divine

  2. I fear after Bibi’s father’s death that Bibi has gone a little off. Bibi had to contain himself when his father was alive now Bibi has nothing to prove but to himself. Will Israel vote for him again if he runs again??? There is no way there can be 2 states side by side look at Gaza, and do you think Israel can survive if bombs are coming from 2 directions??

  3. The headline does not reflect the Prime Minister’s statement, which did not exclude non-Jews from being Israeli.

  4. Netanyahu has, in a single sentence, declared that Zionism is founded on a disgraced and discredited political philosophy (even by goyishe standards, let alone Torah). This is an enunciation of a most heinous form of nationalism, to wit, ethnic nationalism. The irony is that if a politician in ANY other country were to say essentially the same thing, Netanyahu would be the first one to scream bloody murder. Would he be “ok” with the pronouncement of England as the nation state for the English people, France as the nation state for the French people or Germany as the nation state for the German people? Oh, wait… didn’t we have that last one 70-80 years ago? Yeah, that worked out real well.


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