Netanyahu in Tokyo: Both Israel and Japan Face Rogue Nations with Dangerous Nuclear Programs


netanyahuAt the start of a five-day trip to Japan, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said in Tokyo today: There is a common bond between us. We’re both democratic, progressive, technological societies. You face North Korea, which is a rogue regime with nuclear weapons. We face the possibility of Iran, which is a rogue regime that wants to have nuclear weapons. They’re cooperating between them, and we should cooperate between us.”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Netanyahu will announce an agreement in Tokyo for the two countries to increase defense cooperation.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. A similar conversation took pace between the Amshinover Rebbi and his Japanese intorogators when he was in transit to Shanghai during WWII.They wanted to know why their Nazi “allies” hated the Jews.The Rebbi in a brilliant retort infomed them: they think since we came from the Asian cotinent we too are Orientals


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