Netanyahu: “If The Rocket Fire from Gaza Does Not Cease, We are Prepared to Continue and Intensify Our Operation”


netanyahuBy Aryeh Savir

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met today with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier as part of his diplomatic efforts to garner international support for Israel’s current stance.

He praised Steinmeier and called him “a great friend of Israel and an important statesman of Europe and the world” and thanked him for coming to Israel during this time of crisis.

Relating to the cease fire accepted by Israel and rejected by Hamas, Netanyahu stated: “Israel has accepted the Egyptian ceasefire proposal, a goal that was and remains putting an end to rocket fire from Gaza on our cities, providing the citizens of Israel with the peace and quiet to which they are entitled. I know that you know that no country would sit idly by while its civilian population is subjected to terrorist rocket fire. Israel is no exception. If Hamas rejects the Egyptian proposal, and the rocket fire from Gaza does not cease, and that appears to be the case now, we are prepared to continue and intensify our operation to protect our people. For this we have kept full support from the responsible members of the international community.”

“I want to thank the many world leaders including yourself who unequivocally condemn Hamas for the rocket fire on Israeli cities and for the clear-cut support for Israel’s right to self-defense. So, in that spirit of friendship, welcome to Israel, welcome to Tel Aviv.”

Over 25 rockets have been fired by Hamas at civilian targets all across Israel since the commencing of the cease fire earlier this morning. No one was injured by the attacks, but damage was caused to property at several locations.

Tazpit News Agency

{ Israel}


  1. How long can Bibi keep propping us up on empty bravado. Nothing is happening fast due to lack of clarity, direction, and determination, and before you know it Bibi’s handlers will get him to cease fire again. Where will all the investment in patience and trust by the beleaguered Israeli public go? I’m afraid and discouraged to think: nowhere! I would prefer to have a true leader of Israel in the prime minister’s office.


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