Netanyahu: Deadly Belgium Attack Result Of Anti-Israel Incitement


belgium-attackIsrael’s prime minister said last night that the attack at the Brussels Jewish Museum, which left three dead and one badly wounded, was the result of anti-Jewish and Israeli sentiment in Europe.

“This act of murder is the result of constant incitement against Jews and their state,” Bibi Netanyahu said in a statement.

“Slander and lies against the State of Israel continue to be heard on European soil even as the crimes against humanity and acts of murder being perpetrated in our region are systematically ignored,” he said.

Belgium Interior Minister Joelle Milquet had said it was too early to determine whether it was an anti-Semitic attack, but given the target “there are strong grounds for presuming so”.

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  1. Europe replaced 6 million educated productive people and took 25 million barbarians instead that no matter how much the governmet will give them they will always be unhappy and blaming others for their problems just as their countries.

    In Europe attacks against Jews is common they are not even reported because they are afraid of greater reactions. They could not ignore this one…..

  2. You can probably thank the BDS movement. Its not just boycott, divest and sanction when it incites murder, destruction and hate too. Call it what it is, the Death Movement with wings. Never Again.

  3. The PM is %100 correct. Its the hateful media as well. The media is where the incitment begins. Its high time we force the media to stop. They can no longer operate under the banner of “Freedom”. You see what they did to the owner of the LA Clippers. An individual is not allowed to even THINK of “racist” thoughts but yet the media can spew hate slander and lies without anyone stopping them. The media is truly the cause of all evil in the world.

  4. if he doesnt want incitement against israel he shouldnt do it in his own country against the chareidim. ppl in glass homes shouldnt throw stones. in germany they THOUGHT jews were the worlds problem and in israel they think charedim are the country’s problem.


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