Netanyahu: Campaign in Congress Against Iran Deal Didn’t Harm Israel-U.S. Ties


obama netanyahu“I have heard for months from all kinds of experts and commentators who contended that the struggle which we led against the Iranian nuclear deal could lead to a cut-off, a collapse in relations with the United States,” said Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu in a statement.

“I never understood why the sovereign State of Israel, which represents the Jewish People, cannot lead a fight against a nuclear agreement with a country that declares its intention to destroy us.”

“I think this is not only my right, it is my duty to point out these dangers, and this not only does not harm the State of Israel, it serves the State of Israel, because all parties in the United States, including those who supported the agreement, say, ‘We certainly have to resist Iranian aggression; we certainly should strengthen the State of Israel.'”

“Of course this is also reflected in the words spoken by President Obama and Secretary Kerry.”

{ Israel}


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