Netanyahu at Auschwitz Pledges to Defend Israel Against Evil


auschwitzIsraeli Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu, marking the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, pledged never “to let the hand of evil harm our people and our state.”

Netanyahu, speaking at a ceremony at the camp in Poland to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, said the lesson to be learned was to stop “murderous evil as early as possible.” In the past year, Netanyahu has repeatedly invoked the Nazi genocide of 6 million Jews in warning about the danger of Iran developing nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu has been lobbying European leaders to tighten economic sanctions on Iran to force the country to curtail its nuclear program. The U.S. and several of its allies, including Israel, have warned that Iran may be building nuclear bombs. Iran says its nuclear program is meant to generate electricity.

Netanyahu last week pressed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for stronger sanctions against Iran during a one-day trip to Berlin. Merkel said yesterday that German trade with Iran has been “clearly reduced.”

Netanyahu’s speech today followed earlier remarks by Israeli President Shimon Peres, who said in Berlin that Iran poses a global threat and must be confronted.

“Like our neighbors, we identify with the millions of Iranians who revolt against dictatorship and violence,” Peres said in an address to the German parliament, according to the English text of his speech delivered in Hebrew. “Like them we reject a fanatic regime, which contradicts the United Nations Charter. A regime which threatens destruction, accompanied by nuclear plants and missiles and which activates terror in its country and other countries.”

{BusinessWeek/Noam Newscenter}


  1. but they are doing a very bad jog with his DM Barak runing around and selling out to the arabs and the american obama Netanyaho is doing a poor job form defending Israel against Evil


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