Nazi’s Daughter Begs Forgiveness


The daughter of a Nazi murderer visited the town of Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine to ask forgiveness at a mass grave of her father’s victims who included Dov Ber Schneerson, brother of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who was murdered at the age of 38. Recently, archived documents and personal testimonies shed more light on the wholesale murder of patients at the Igren Psychiatric Hospital, where the crime took place.

Mrs. Lilo Bhatia, the daughter of Wilhelm Ober, the German officer responsible for the murder, visited the mass grave and the Dov Ber Schneerson memorial on the hospital premises and met leaders of the local Jewish community.

A biography of the Rebbe (Turning Judaism Outward) records that most of Dnipropetrovsk’s 90,000 Jews left before the Nazis came in August 1941 but 20,000 were slaughtered. An Einsatzkommonda entered the nearby hospital in Igren, where the Rebbe’s brother was residing, and ordered its liquidation, murdering Jewish patients first with lethal injections. The non-Jews were also liquidated as part of a Nazi program to eliminate psychiatric patients during the Soviet offense in order to free hospitals for the Nazi military.

The mass grave was discovered twenty years ago and honored with a special marker. This was vandalized by anti-Semites in 2014.



  1. There were 20,000 Jews murdered at the site. TWENTY THOUSAND!!!! Among them, was one psychiatric patient with the last name of Schneerson, who wasn’t mentally well enough to live at home. That this individual gets a special separate mention, when another 19,999 holy Jews were murdered in cold blood, is plain wrong. Yes, he happened to be the brother of a future Lubavicher Rebbe. He also happened to be afflicted with severe mental disorder. Of course harming him was a crime, as it was with the rest of those killed. What set him apart?

    • 1. it says in the article that there is a separate monument for rabbi Schneerson (in addition to the general monument) and that she also apologized there, (anything wrong with mentioning that?)

      2. it says that the info about how many were murdered is taken from the aforementioned’s biography.

      3. what’s the problem?

  2. She should go to the other million Naxi children, bring them to memorials every year and get them to verbally and clearly apologize it and then write it. Video it. And ask them to address all Holocaust deniers worldwide, including the Arab world, and proclaim loud and clear what atrocities their parents committed.

  3. Would she be willing to put a monument above her father’s grave that reads: Here lies a Nazi murderer of 20,000 Jews.
    Let’s see how apologetic she really is.


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