Naftali Bennet Physically Assaulted at Ha’aretz Peace Conference


bennettBy Aryeh Savir

Minister of Economy Naftali Bennet was physically assaulted last night at Ha’aretz Newspaper’s Peace Conference after delivering a presentation there.

Throughout the duration of his 15 minute presentation Bennet was heckled with calls of ‘fascist’ and ‘murderer’, and Bennet is seen pacing back and forth, angered by the inappropriate behavior. Amos Schocken, owner of Ha’aretz tried to silence them, stating: “People here were willing to talk to Arafat; it can’t be that we will not hear Naftali Bennet.” Bennet responded by stating that he represents the voice of millions, and will be silenced by no one.

On his way out a group of some 25 participants of the peace conference surrounded him and assaulted him, and one of them struck him on the back. Bennet was rushed away by his security detail.

Ha’aretz denied the incident, claiming it was only a minor occurrence and stating that Minister Bennet was exaggerating to generate headlines.

MK Ayeket Shaked, a member of Bennet’s Bayit Yehudi party, stated that “it is shameful that at a so-called peace conference, people who are willing to talk to Hamas refuse to hear the Minister of Economy.”

The Ha’aretz Peace Conference is currently taking place in Tel Aviv, which was attacked several times last night by rockets.

Tazpit News Agency

{ Israel}


  1. Just proves how ‘tolerant’ these ‘peaceniks’ are. Look who is calling whom a ‘fascist’? There is something very deranged about them.


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