Nachas at Shuvu


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The Belzer Cheder is packed with families who have all have come to proudly watch their precious Kinderlach reach a new milestone and receive their first Chumash. We stand amongst the crowd in awe of the fact we are here for our own dear son, Elimelech. Who would have ever thought? Who would have ever dreamed?

As Anna Gugal of Pardes Chana, my parents envisioned me as a serious candidate for Prime Minister of Israel. No, I’m not kidding. We arrived from Russia when I was 9. My father is not Jewish, and my mother is entirely not religious. They had high expectations and wanted a school that would meet their standard of education. Shuvu Hadera had just started providing transportation from Pardes Chana and my parents were excited to send me.

I breezed through the academics with flying colors. I loved school and had close relationships with my teachers. The school Shabbatonim were my personal favorite. I was left inspired and infused with a love for Yiddishkiet. Although I did not have the strength to fight my parents at that young age, a spark was certainly ignited.

At long last, in 12th grade, with the assistance of my teachers and mentors, I decided that I was ready. To my parents’ dismay, I started taking active steps towards becoming Frum. My husband, Itamar Vishnipolsky, who at the time was just my boyfriend, joined me wholeheartedly in my journey. On the advice of Rabbanim, we decided to marry shortly after finishing school so that we face less resistance from our families.

Unfortunately, despite our close relationship and my attempt at being sincerely sensitive, my parents considered this move to be suicidal and refused to attend our wedding. Baruch Hashem, my mentors at Shuvu stepped in and succeeded in convincing my mother to come and celebrate with us at our Chasunah.

Itamar joined Belz Yeshiva for Baalei Tshuva, Torah V’emuna, and we have become Belzer Chassidim. We have four boys of which 2 are already attending the Belzer Cheder. Shuvu holds a huge place in our family and they continue to rejoice in each milestone and occasion along with us, attending our Simchos both small and large.

Who would have ever thought? Who would have ever dreamed? Not myself, not Itamar, and certainly not our parents, but Rav Pam did! Rav Pam though and dreamed and made it into reality along with his most dedicated Shuvu staff.

The Class of Elimelech Vishnipolsky (circled)
The Class of Elimelech Vishnipolsky (circled)
Itamar Vishnipolsky with Elimelech
Itamar Vishnipolsky with Elimelech
Elimelech Vishnipolsky at his Mesibas Chumash
Elimelech Vishnipolsky at his Mesibas Chumash

{ Israel News Bureau}


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