Muslim Cleric: All Unhappiness Comes from the Jews


hani-ramadan-director-of-the-islamic-center-of-genevaA prominent Swiss Muslim cleric reportedly denounced Jews and Zionism at France’s largest Islamic conference.

Michele Tribalat, a French sociologist who attended the Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF) 31st annual conference, in an article for the French daily Le Figaro highlighted a heavily anti-Semitic speech at the gathering by Hani Ramadan, director of the Islamic Center of Geneva.

“All the unhappiness comes from Jews who have one thing in mind, realize the dream of Greater Israel,” Ramadan reportedly said.

“[In the] United States, no one can be elected president without having to kowtow to AIPAC,” Ramadan also said, according to Tribalat. “Same thing in France…[nobody can be] be elected without the approval of the CRIF (the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France).”




  1. “[nobody can be] be elected without the approval of the CRIF”

    I don’t think that Pierre Laval or Charles De Gaulle had support from the Jewish community.
    The extent to which the anti-Semites shamelessly write their own version of history is astonishing and points out the need for us to always be diligent.

  2. “All the unhappiness comes from Jews” or maybe “All the unhappiness comes from Jealousy. 7.2 Billion people on Planet Earth, and it should be overwhelming, mind boggling, how 10 millions Jews makes “All the unhappiness”? Brothers, Fellows Jews, WAKE UP. HaKadosh Boruch Hu, Has been moving the Players into Place, for the FINAL CHECK MATE. Are You Ready????


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