MSNBC Admits Christie Fed Probe Not Real


chris-christieReports of a new federal investigation of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are at odds with the less sensational reality of the probe, and even reporters for liberal MSNBC and “The Rachel Maddow 1 Show” – no friend to the Republican governor – are knocking down the new-probe hype.

“Turns out the story is more nuanced than the headlines might have you believe, “Maddow” staffers Nazanin Rafsanjani and Julia Nutter write at

News outlets this week identified Christie as the target of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey in a new probe.

This time the allegations are not related to the bridge lane closures in Democratic Fort Lee, N.J., known as Bridge-gate, but to a local prosecutor’s claims that he was fired and his investigation of a Christie supporter shut down.

Justice Department investigators met with the former prosecutor, Ben Barlyn, about his allegation.

But a spokesperson for the federal prosecutor in New Jersey told MSNBC, “Any characterization that we are investigating the governor about this is just not true … . [W]e talk to people all the time. It doesn’t mean we’re investigating anybody.”

Barlyn also told MSNBC, “I’ve never characterized this as a full-blown investigation.”

The allegation is not new. Since 2012 Christie has denied any involvement in the disputed case.

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