Most of Ray Kelly’s Emails Mysteriously Disappeared When He Left NYPD


ray kellyFormer NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s emails mysteriously disappeared from his computer when he stepped down from his position in 2013, according to news reports.

City attorneys say the emails were “inadvertently deleted.”

The missing emails came to light in a federal class-action lawsuit this past week focusing on the NYPD’s policies on summonses. The suit was filed in 2010 and alleges that the NYPD illegally issued low-level summonses to meet quotas—earlier this year the plaintiffs’ attorney argued that Kelly and other top NYPD brass deleted five years’ worth of emails and text messages pertaining to summonses and quotas, and now it appears the rest of Kelly’s email is gone, too.

“The majority of former Commissioner Kelly’s locally stored emails were inadvertently deleted at the conclusion of his tenure,” city attorney Curt Beck wrote to Manhattan Federal Judge Robert Sweet this week. “The deletion was not done intentionally.”

Kelly denies any involvement in #EmailGate. “As anyone who worked with me in the NYPD can attest, and have already attested in this matter, I did not manage the department by email,” he said.

An NYPD official told the Daily News that the emails likely got lost when Kelly got a new computer in 2013 and that the missing correspondence is “not a big deal,” though the hundreds of thousands of people embroiled in the class action suit might argue otherwise. After the summons emails mysteriously disappeared earlier this summer, city officials said the NYPD, which is the largest municipal police force in the country, had a “lack of technological savvy,” though they appear to be pretty skilled at hitting “select all” and “delete.”


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