More Important Than A Request For Money – Only Takes 20 Seconds!


Imagine (really!) that you try to talk with your son …

Your son then accepts a phone call from his friend.

You continue to try to talk with your son …

He starts checking his email.

You continue to try to talk with your son …

He begins a conversation with his sibling.

Imagine your pain when your son blatantly disrespects you.

Now, imagine the pain when you disrespect the shechina in shul …

By having your cellphone ringer on, checking email, talking with your neighbors.

Show Hashem that you really do care …

Join over 4,500 others who have pledged to stop causing the shechina pain.

Click on the following link:

Or call 1-855-400-5164

The Pledge:

I am M’Kabel/pledge, bli neder, to help STOP HASHEM’S PAIN by refraining from talking during davening and I will be sure not to have a cell phone that can disturb me or others during davening (unless a case of pikuach nefesh). 

אני מקבל על עצמי בלי נדר לעזור במניעת צער השכינה ע”י קבלה להמנע מדיבור וגם לכבות את הסלולרי למשך התפילה, חוץ ממצב של פיקוח נפש.

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