Montreal: Ban On New Places Of Worship On Bernard Ave. Upheld In Outremont


CTV Montreal reports: A controversial bylaw that bans new places of worship from opening in Montreal’s Outremont borough has been upheld. Outremont residents voted in a referendum on Sunday. In total, 1,561 residents voted in favour of keeping the bylaw, while 1,202 voted against it. Just over 60 per cent of eligable voters cast a ballot.

The bylaw bans new houses of worship, regardless of religion, from opening on Bernard, a major commercial street that’s dotted by stores and restaurants. Outremont’s mayor has said the intention of the rule is to protect that space for businesses. Similar bans have already been enacted on Laurier and Van Horne.

Chassidishe leaders have said the rule is discriminatory and targets their community by banning new shuls that could be erected within walking distance of their homes. Read more at CTV Montreal.



  1. I used to live in Montreal. The place is looking – and sounding – more and more like France. Some areas are all arab. Let’s see them try and stop arabs from building mosques…

  2. This seems to be a blatant case of anti-Semitic discrimination, with the flimsiest of fig leafs covering the fact that Jews specifically are the target.


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