MK Landau: Abbas is a “Snake” and a “Terrorist” in a European Suit


uzi-landauIsraeli Infrastructures Minister Dr. Uzi Landau has labeled Palestinian Authority PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a “snake” and a “terrorist who is dressed in a European suit.”

The Yisrael Beiteinu Knesset Member made his comments as the weeklygovernment Cabinet meeting began this morning.

“It is one thing to appear before the media and conduct a spin that he (Abbas) wants peace,” Landau said. But when you take the mask off his face, you see in front of you a terrorist in a European suit.”

He continued, “Not every snake that you dress up in a European suit turns out to be civilized,” referring to the new discussions hosted by Jordan with Palestinian Authority and Israel negotiators, Dr. Landau commented. “”Let’s not lead ourselves into signing an agreement with him {Abbas} because he simply will show his contempt for us afterwards.”

Last week, Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that the talks in Jordan actually are an attempt to prevent a peace agreement. “There is no chance to accept Abbas’ commitments that an agreement will be the end of the dispute and [Palestinian Authority] demands, said Ya’alon, who was IDF Chief of Staff in the government of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon until the Disengagement-Gush Katif expulsionprogram.

Ya’alon added that Abbas is weak and has realized that he does not have to lead terrorist operations so long as Israel continues to surrender land, which “only strengthens the Arab hope to destroy Israel.”

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  1. Palestine authority Abbas is a legit hungry snake terrorist who convinced their people that israel is theirs a small country that they want to chop up into many berlin wall neighborhoods. Taking jewish holy sites making them into a carnival muslim sites. Ask king abdullah he knows the truth about israel


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