Missionaries Lure Jews to ‘Pesach / Easter’ Event


yad-lachimMissionaries continue with their deceitful ruses, only to be foiled by askonim.

On Sunday of chol hamo’ed Pesach, a cult in Jaffa held a “Pesach event” that claimed to resemble a seder. In advertising the event, it promised to serve only kosher food and gave no hint as to its missionary nature.

Yad L’Achim responded by distributing flyers alerting residents as to the true intent of the event, revealing the identity of the cult that stood behind it. It also called on all those interested in participating in a real seder to attend any of the dozen public sedarim being held in the area.

As the time of the event drew close, Yad L’Achim activists appeared in Jaffa. They greeted Jews who had read the advertisements and were trying to reach the site. These were innocent Jews who wanted only to enjoy a good meal and a pleasant atmosphere. The activists explained to them that the event was being run by missionaries. “This isn’t Pesach but Pischa (Easter),” they told the stunned Jews. “The missionaries want to sever your connection to Judaism.”

Some of these Jews confided to the activists that they had nothing to eat for the holiday. Yad L’Achim was prepared for this, having seen over the years how the missionaries take advantage of the economic distress of Jews to convert them out of their religion. The activists immediately produced food vouchers that were good at local supermarkets and could be used to purchase matzos, wine and other basic necessities.

The missionaries were dealt a serious blow as many dozens of Jews were saved from forging dangerous ties with the enemies of the Jewish people.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. It is crazy to what lengths the missionaries will go to get Jews. And it is sad how not having food affects the life of Jews. I never knew Pischa means Easter, disgusting

  2. Not that I agree with missionaries. but we do the same thing with kiruv. But we don’t hide the true facts like they do.

  3. These missionaries if they believe given food to some Jews and a sermon separates them from Judaism they are fooling themselves. They keep on forgetting a Jew is a Jew no matter what them call themselves. And if the Israeli government stopped paying the PA bribes they can afford to feed everyone on holidays and make neighborhood community areas where food is available, but one must pay the bribe money to PA so they can bomb Israel better.


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