Minister Eli Yishai Asks PM Netanyahu to Urgently Address Attacks on Har Hazeisim


eli-yishaiIsraeli Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Eli Yishai has asked Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the “continued neglect” on Har Hazeisim at the highest level of government.  Mr. Yishai asked that the Har Hazeisim issue be put on the agenda of the weekly Cabinet meeting this Sunday. Mr. Yishai referred to the slow pace of the restoration of graves and specifically singled out the ongoing episodes of rock throwing at visitors and mourners.

Minister Yishai’s actions came after a lengthy briefing by Avrohom Lubinsky, chairman of the International Committee for the Preservation of Har Hazeisim (ICPHH), to Shas party officals. Mr. Lubinksy showed footage of Arab stone throwing as recent as 10 days ago. Additionally, Mr. Lubinsky met with police investigators in an effort to arrest the stone throwers who are clearly visible in the video that was filmed by ICPHH member Peretz Levine.

Minister Yishai and other leading officials of the Shas party said they will pressure the government to expedite the installation of surveillance cameras, the deployment of police and the closure of access roads to neighboring Arab villages. In his letter, Minister Yishai said that the neglect on Har Hazeisim “has gone on for too long and it is of the utmost concern to Jews all over the world.”

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  1. split infinitives?

    IMHO, the use of the word “urgently” in the headline to this story is at best superfluous and at worst ill-placed.


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