Mexico Wishes to Extradite Drug Lord El Chapo to the US


Joaquin El Chapo GuzmanSources in the Mexican government say that Mexico’s aim is to extradite within the next year drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán to the US, where he faces drug trafficking charges, JOL reports.

El Chapo’s extradition will minimize the risk that he will use his fortune and connections to bribe prison officials and escape prison again. The US appealed Guzman’s extradition since last July, two weeks prior to his escape.

While on the run, Guzman planned to make a film project about himself, and contacted various producers and actors for that purpose, who helped lead investigators to him. Guzman was also interviewed by actor Sean Penn for Rolling Stone Magazine several months ago. In the interview Guzman said he had sent a team of engineers to Germany to learn how to design and construct the tunnel that will eventually allow his escape.

The Tunnel, 10 meters deep and more than a kilometer and a half long, led from a nearby building directly to Guzman’s cell. 18 prison officials and guards were investigated after being suspected of aiding Guzman. In Mexico the escape was referred to as an “embarrassing incident.”



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