Melitzer Rebbe of Boro Park Attempting to Recover After Yom Tov Fire Leaves Him Homeless


melitzer-rebbe-fireRav Shea Horowitz, Melitzer Rebbe of Boro Park, is struggling to get back on his feet after his humble home and all his worldly possession were destroyed in an electrical fire on Simchas Torah night.

Rav Horowitz was in his shul two blocks away for Hakafos at the time. His wife, Rebbetzin Esther Horowitz, joined him a short while later at the shul, where they were to be eating the Yom Tov seudah. After Hakafos, as the seudah was beginning, Rav and Rebbetzin Horowitz were informed that flames were shooting out of the windows of their home. They were shocked by the news.

R’ Shalom Mechel, Rav Horowitz’s son, left the shul and quickly made his way to the apartment to assess what had taken place. He returned with the terrible news that the home had been utterly destroyed.

Three other apartments in the building also suffered damage, but Rav Horowitz’s home got the brunt of the blaze. Not one item was salvageable, leaving the Rebbe and his wife with nothing, literally, but the clothes they were wearing.

There was no fire insurance, unfortunately. spoke to an askan who is trying to assist the Horowitz family at this trying time. Yidden, who are rachamanim bnei rachamanim, are being asked to help in any way they can.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made payable to Congregation Bais Yechiel Melitz (CBYM) and mailed to 1156 52nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219. Credit card donations can be called into 845.419.1659. Say that you saw this story on and wish to make a donation to help the Horowitz family.

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  1. B”H

    Boruch Ha-Shem they found a place in the neighborhood after three months living in a hachnasas orichim basement apartment used mainly for Shabbos and simchos. The shul’s melevah malkah was this past motzei Shabbos. Please use the contact info in the above article to help to the best of your ability. Skoiyach. Tisku l’mitzvahs.


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