MDA Launches ‘Ambulance of Wishes’ for Terminally Ill Patients


mda-ambulanceThe Magen David Adom emergency services will uncover today, Monday, their new “Ambulance of Wishes,” a spacious ambulance equipped with an entertainment system, refrigerators for food storage, medicine and cutting edge medical equipment. The ambulance, which was purchased with the help of a donation made by of Swedish Friends of Magen David Adom and cost NIS 1,200,000 (about $323,930), was designed to comfortably transport terminally ill patients to their destination of choice, making their wishes come true while they are confined to their sick beds.The ambulance will transport patients to different locations, such as historic and religious sites as well as sports and culture events, nature reserves, beaches and more.

The service will be given free of charge, and will be carefully coordinated with the patients’ physicians.

The spacious ambulance will allow patients free movement, and its comfortable interior includes a roof top camera that will record the ambulance’s route and can be viewed by the patient on a large plasma screen.

In addition, the ambulance will be equipped with a cutting edge entertainment system, refrigerators for medicine and food storage, a ramp for easy access and a giant wheelchair that can also be rolled onto the beach.

The patient’s electronic bed will be equipped with a special pneumatic system that is designed to reduce shocks and tremors even in tough road conditions.

The “Ambulance of Wishes” project represents a treatment approach that allows patients to be involved in society and encourages them to realize their dreams, while nurturing hope and desire to continue struggling with their disease.

The ambulance will enable terminally ill patients to experience things that are taken for granted by healthy individuals, but are impossible for those who are confined to their sick beds.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


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