Mayor Singer: Lakewood EMS Workers Won’t Be Fired


bob-singerAmid a tide of public anger over a video showing township EMS workers doing doughnuts in the snow with their emergency vehicles (as reported here), Lakewood Mayor Bob Singer tried to inject a practical tone yesterday, saying termination was too severe a penalty that would never hold up in a civil service hearing.

“I understand the frustration people have today. This is taxpayer money, these are public employees,” Singer said at last night’s township committee meeting. “But we have to understand that the punishment has to fit the crime. Let’s not overreact to things.”

The EMS workers – two women and a man – were on duty at the time. Their names have not been released.

The EMS manager and township attorneys will in the next few days decide on a punishment for the employees, which falls under personnel and won’t be made public, Singer said.

The mayor added that the employees have a right to appeal the decision.

The Internet video shows three EMS workers skidding an ambulance and squad car in the snow in the parking lot of the Lakewood BlueClaws stadium.

“No one was hurt, none of the vehicles were damaged and the individuals have no priors,” Singer said. “Those put together, there’s no way you could fire those people.”

At least one resident shared the mayor’s views.

“They made a mistake; think about it, we all make mistakes,” John Newman, 75, said at the meeting. “Let’s give these guys a break. They’ve done a lot of good for this community.”

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  1. Lakewood has some 16 paid EMT’s, while other local townships have only 2 and are managing very well. Lakewood EMS discourages volunteers, they would rathe pay the 16 EMT’s. Lakewood’s EMT’s are getting paid more than NJ State MEDICS.

    Lakewood Township is again ripping off the Taxpayers.


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