Mayor Bloomberg: US Kept Promise To Kill Bin Laden


bloomberg1NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg says Americans have kept their promise after Sept. 11 to capture or kill Osama bin Laden.

President Barack Obama announced Sunday night bin Laden was killed in an operation led by the United States.

Bloomberg says the killing of the terrorist leader doesn’t lessen the suffering Americans experienced at his hands the day the World Trade Center was destroyed but is a “critically important victory” for the nation. He says it’s a tribute to the men and women in the armed forces who’ve fought so hard.

In a statement released by the mayor on Sunday, Bloomberg said:

“After September 11, 2001, we gave our word as Americans that we would stop at nothing to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. After the contribution of millions, including so many who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, we have kept that word.

“The killing of Osama bin Laden does not lessen the suffering that New Yorkers and Americans experienced at his hands, but it is a critically important victory for our nation – and a tribute to the millions of men and women in our armed forces and elsewhere who have fought so hard for our nation.

“New Yorkers have waited nearly ten years for this news. It is my hope that it will bring some closure and comfort to all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.”



  1. Be quiet, you arrogant illegitimate Mayor! Who is “we”? Your highness wasn’t Mayor when the towers came down! Gulliani was. Remember? Yes, we all know if your highness was currently President, you would of done a better more efficient job in taking out Bin Laden. You would of even gotten parking tickets from Bin Laden & his couriers! Just keep your dumb mouth closed & be happy that the worthless voters in NYC don’t impeach you & Kelly!


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