Matzos Smuggled into Iran for Jews There


shemurah-matzohFaced with a matzoh shortage ahead of Pesach, Iran’s Jews received help with a secret operation to deliver one ton of matzos to the Islamic Republic’s Jewish community. Some 20,000 Jews currently live in Iran. The authorities allow them freedom to practice their religion, but forbid the import of Israel-made products to the country, an act that could cost a person three years imprisonment or the revoking of his passport for five years. The import ban causes a problem for local Jews, who are unable to bake enough matzos to feed the entire community.

As a result, Chabad launched a secretive operation and smuggled one ton of matzos into Iran.

The matzos were manufactured in Ukraine, and then delivered to a neighboring country of Iran. From there they were transported into the country through a border crossing where security is known to be relatively loose.

Nevertheless, Chabad took no unnecessary risks and replaced the matzos’ original packages, which bore Hebrew letters, with blank packages ahead of the delivery.

Last week the packages arrived in Tehran on top of 10 buses and the operation was declared a success.




  1. I am so impressed by Chabad’s mesirus nefesh to help Yidden all over the world. May they continue to be Matzliach.


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