Mass 9 Days Radio Siyumim In Israel Called Into Halachic Question


gemaraDuring the 9 Days, Channel 2 of Israel Radio, along with the religious stations of Kol Berama and Radio Kol Chai, will be broadcasting 28 siyumim in coordination with Rabbi Brod of Chabad. The question has thus been raised as to whether, lechatchila, a person can consider that being part of such a siyum so he can eat fleishigs during the 9 Days. Numerous poskim frown upon the general abuse of siyumim during the 9 days, and the making of communal siyumim over the radio seems to have taken it a step further.

“It has made a mockery of the whole thing,” said Refoel Abiri of Yerushalayim. 

Rafi G. of Life in Israel points out that, interestingly, the siyumim are not just on the religious stations, and the general radio stations are going to be broadcasting them as well. All this so that people eating meat will have heard a siyum, rendering it permissible, without the slightest of effort.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Matzav, thanks for posting this.
    the lubavitcher rebbe was very into having siyumim made. gedolim have been very strong against this practice

  2. The Lubavitcher Rebbe did NOT establish this takana of siyumim to eat meat-only to add siyumim and happiness to the nine days.
    In fact in Lubavitch, the costum is that adults do not eat meat even if one is physicaly present at a siyum¡
    Please do your homework before speaking and writing especially in these nine days….Especially about a Takana made by such a great leader of our generation.

  3. WHAT???????? You guys dont know what your talking about.
    There is no such thing in Lubavitch of eating meat in the nine days. EVEN WITH A SIYUM!!!!

    The rebbe ZYA said that in the nine days when it is halachakly asur to do things of simcha so then we must add in bringing simcha shel heter val pi shulchan aruch.

    Evry big chabad shul has siyumim between mincha nd marriv just to add in simcha shel heter.
    But chabad is totaly against using it to eat meat as is done in MOST LITVISHE circles like camps ects.

    so before you bash look into it.

    Mi keamchah yisroel

  4. What are we? Children? Gluttons? We can’t manage to last a few days (with a break on Shabbos, no less!) with no meat? Are the Nine Days so painful that we must avoid the spiritual benefits of a few inuyim at all costs? We have to run to catch siyumim…even have them radioed to us…despite our not involving ourselves at all in the masechta, just so we can shove some more hot dogs or steak into our mouths in the days approaching Tish’ah B’Av? Where did the spirit of the Halachah go to? Where is our Hashkafah?

  5. I attended Camp Gan Israel in Michigan for three summers as a child. (The old place in Linden, near Flint, before it burnt down and they relocated to Kalkaska.) A Siyum would be made EVERY NIGHT, on things as small as one individual completing a single Perek in Pirkei Avos, and that was grounds for the entire camp to eat fleishigs. After those three years, I attended Camp Kol Torah in Cleveland and Camp Aguda Midwest in South Haven, Michigan, (for a combined 10 more years) and we made a siyum only ONCE each year during the nine days. And the siyum was made on a davar chashuv, for instance, Maseches Chullin or Kesubos.

  6. Midwesterner, I am conjecturing that the Gan Yisrael camp you attended in Michigan was for younger children and included many from families whose observance is limited, so they relied on the siyum because they had no choice.
    Camp Aguda & Kol Torah are for older kids from frum families who understand the restriction not to serve meat during 9 days.

  7. AS far as the age of the campers goes, all the camps I attended were for kids. Yes, Gan Izzy allowed kids in at age 9, (except for kids from the local Chabad families, who were even younger, but that issue is knocked out by your second point of non frum families) Kol Torah’s minimum age in those days was 11. (That’s why I went to Gan Izzy. I was too young for CKT.) Still, not much different. And Aguda, which didn’t exist back then, also admits kids at age 9.
    And to your second point, the non frum parents do not come to camp on a daily basis to check out the menus.


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