Man Hurt In Flatbush Slashing, Suspect Still at Large


A 30-year-old man was slashed in Flatbush, Brooklyn, this Erev Shabbos morning on Kings Highway near East 3rd Street, in front of the Holon Middle East Grocery.

Police are conducting a search for the attacker, who remains at large. He slashed the victim in the arm, neck and torso. The altercation, sources indicated, was a result of some form of a dispute.

The victim was transported to Coney Island Hospital on Ocean Parkway.



  1. Euro Chosid:

    (1) Right, come back to Israel, where there are no slashings, stabbings, or shootings. And, ignore the 100,000 rockets aimed at your house.

    (2) What are you doing in Europe. Come back to Israel and be safe.


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