Major Drug Ring Bust in Brooklyn


nypdKings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced the indictment of 43 people involved in a drug ring that made more than $2 million a year, in southern Brooklyn and Staten Island. During the investigation, KCDA Detective Investigators and NYPD Detectives captured audio surveillance recordings of cell phone conversations, in which the gang’s leader, Eric “Fat Eddy” Rodriguez, 26, ordered the killing of a rival. Rodriguez believed the victim had stolen a car full of drugs, which belonged to Rodriguez, and ordered underling Aishan Reyes, 22, to shoot the suspected thief. The DIs and detectives who intercepted the phone calls were not able to prevent the shooting, but arrived on the scene quickly enough to get medical assistance and save the victim’s life.”This violent drug kingpin is behind bars, where he belongs,” said District Attorney Hynes. “This case stemmed from the investigation into a family of drug dealers operating out of two homes on 93rd Street in Bay Ridge, last June. I would like to acknowledge the excellent work done by my Detective Investigators on this case. I would also like to thank the NYPD for the hard work and assistance we can always depend on them to provide.”

The defendants arrested in the Bay Ridge case remain in jail pending trial.

“In effect, the would-be killer called 911 on himself,” said Police Commissioner Kelly. “Few cases better illustrate the inevitable nexus between drug trafficking and violence, in addition to all of the other tolls exacted by illegal drugs. It also illustrates why drug dealers should be sentenced in ways that keep them in jail. New York is the nation’s safest large city because, among other things, police officers and prosecutors, epitomized by those in this case, keep the pressure on drug dealers. I commend their continued successes in keeping New York safe.”

Rodriguez and his cohorts are charged, in an 88-count indictment, with Conspiracy in the First Degree, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree, Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, and numerous other counts. Additionally, the six defendants charged in the shooting are also charged with Attempted Murder in the Second Degree. They face a maximum of 25 years to life in prison, for the top count, Conspiracy in the First Degree. Two defendants who are under the age of 18 face a maximum of eight-and-one-third to 25 years.

The indictment charges that Rodriguez’s drug conspiracy sold up to 2000 $20 bags of crack cocaine each week, in Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Dyker Heights, Boro Park, Bensonhurst, Bushwick, and Williamsburg, and Tudt Hill in Staten Island. People employed by the operation as dispatchers received cell phone drug orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and sent drivers out to deliver the drugs to customers, according to the indictment.

Audio surveillance captured includes statements by Rodriguez that he had sold drugs in Brooklyn and Staten Island since as early as 2003.

An indictment is an accusatory instrument and not proof of a defendant’s guilt.

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. Just to remind the Olam:
    Joe Hynes bungled the Yankel Rosenbaum O”H case, the Gideone Bush O”H case & showed his true Anti Semetic being, in his going after Rabbi Freiluch!
    Joe is NO friend of the Jewish people!


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